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Set up a kind machine for testing terraform etc.

My favourite distro is Fedora, so all code is made and tested for Fedora.

Initial setup

  1. Get yourself a virtual machine with Fedora
    • Local vm
    • DigitalOcean droplet
    • etc.
  2. You should probably have 2 vCPU and 8Gb RAM
  3. Clone repo
  4. Run ./install-kind-machine.sh to install tools

Create a cluster

This command will give you a 1 control node and 3 worker node cluster

kind create cluster --config=./kind.yaml

Delete a cluster

kind delete cluster --name onethree

This cluster do not survive a reboot of the host (that is how kind works).

Get started with terraform

In folder terraform is some starting code to get you started to connect cluster from host.

  1. Change to folder terraform
  2. Run command terraform init
  3. Then terraform plan
  4. Then terraform apply -auto-approve

You now have a cluster with an Loadbalancer ip that is available from host. Next step is probably to set up an ingress like traefik, nginx etc.